Metal Treatment

Cromital supply to the metal treatment industry, Chromic Acid (Chromium Trioxide) and Chrome III compounds.

Chromic acid is widely used in metal finishing, wood preservation and in manufacturing of some organic chemicals. It is a strong oxidizer and dissolves readily in water.

Chromium III compounds are use in surface finishing and metal plating industries.

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  • Chromic acid solution 37-50% w/w
  • Sodium Dich romate Solution 46/47%


  • Chromium Trioxide Flakes
  • Chromium Nitrate Solution 74%
  • Chromium Chloride Solution
  • Chromium HydroxyChloride Solution
  • Trisurfin: Chromium hydroxyl sulphate developed for metal finishing applications
  • Sodium Dichromate Anydrous 75%
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