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Cromital SPA mainly performs distribution and production operations in the sectors of leather and Metal Treatment with chemical processed entirely in Ostellato/Ferrara production site, since the '92s. From the beginning of its activities Cromital has maintained constant attention to the environment with always offering high quality solutions. This dynamic spirit always enabled Cromital to grow over the years, establishing itself on the Italian market, as a leader.

The main customers of Cromital operate in the tanning industry, where the basic chromium sulphate tanning agent is the product most widely used in industry. In electroplating and surface treatment of metals where the chromium VI and chromium III salts are two strong application where does not exist in many cases alternative technologies.

The commercial and administrative offices are located in Milan while the factory is located in San Giovanni in Ostellato province of Ferrara.

In the establishment of Ostelllato, in addition to production of basic chromium sulphate and chromic acid solution also the exhausted chromium plating baths are recovered. Cromital is the only authorized facility for the recovery of such baths from which extracts the hexavalent chromium.

In 2005 Cromital sold its 50% share to Soda Sanayii A.Ş. which is under the Şişecam Chemicals Group that represent one of the four businesses of Şişecam Group and in 2011 Soda Sanayi A.Ş. bought other 50% of Cromital share capital.

Şişecam Chemicals Group represents one of the four main businesses of Şişecam. The Group represents Şişecam in the chemicals, mining and glass fiber industries successfully on a global scale. It operates in the fields of soda products and chromium chemicals industrial raw materials, glass fiber, Vitamin K3 derivatives, and sodium metabisulfite in over 20 facilities across 5 countries.

The foundations of the Chemicals Group was laid with Soda Sanayii A.Ş. founded in 1969 for the purpose of producing soda ash, one of the key raw materials of the glass industry. The chemicals produced at the Soda P lant in Mersin/Turkey and at the Kromsan Chromium Compounds Plant, which joined the group in 1982, are supplied to various fields from detergents to chemicals and from leather to pharmaceuticals.


Main Historical Events
  • 1992
    Cromital was set up​
  • 1994
    ​​Purchase of Ostellato (FE-Italy) plant​
  • 1995
    ​Oxyvit Kimya Joint Venture (50% Cromital and 50% Soda Sanayii)​
  • 2003
    ​Cromital sold its 50 % of the JV to Cheminvest​
  • 2005
    ​Soda Sanayii bought 50% of Cromital​
  • 2011
    ​Soda Sanayii bought 50 % of Cromital share capital​​
​Cromital is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS and
in 2015 it obtained the Integrated Environment Authorization (AIA)
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