Chrome Recovery

Cromital from the begging demostrate attention to the environment evaluating all the opportunity to make the chrome life cycle more sustaina​ble.

Eco-management: Cromital has studied and developed a processproduction designed to recover the hexavalent chromium contained in exhausted baths of galvanic industries.All this has created a technical solution to the big problem of the disposal of exhausted baths: Cromital is therefore the only Italian company,with an authorized facility for recovery of exhausted baths.

Cromital get first provincial autorization No. 006376 on 14.02.1998, (subsequently extended several times), currently AIA regime etc….

Our Partners

We operate this business through partnership with waste management companies which are responsible for collecting the bath in different areas as you can find below:


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030 353 39 02
030 354 68 56


Alter Eco Srl
049 897 78 86
049 897 83 98

Toscana - Emilia Romagna

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Stema Ambiente Srl
050 711 587
050 712 221
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